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Cleactivationsphinxiq ((NEW))

Cleactivationsphinxiq ((NEW))

Cleactivationsphinxiq ((NEW))



VH-1F. Cle activation sphinx iq · Cle activation sphinx iq · tel. Cle activation sphinx iq · Cle activation sphinx iq · Cle activation sphinx iq · Cle activation sphinx iq ·Q: Why do I not get my cell value from my table I have a table with 4 rows, 3 of them have the same values in each column (including the column that contains my cell.Text). The fourth row has 2 different values and the value that I need is in the second column, but its cell.Text does not have the correct value. It seems as if it only contains the text from the first cell. Text of second cell is empty. I have been trying to change the option o the table so its cells with rowspan = 2 and colspan = 2 so that I would get the first row twice but I have not been able to do that. It is possible that I got the table cell value wrong? foreach (DataRow row in dtWizNieuws.Rows) { TableCell cell = row.Cells[i]; Label6.Text = cell.Text; } A: If your column is cell 4 and your data is: A B C D then the code TableCell cell = row.Cells[i]; won’t give you the cell with A, B, C and D, as the row number is zero-based in your code. A: It is possible that I got the table cell value wrong? You might need to use the indexes start at 0. foreach (DataRow row in dtWizNieuws.Rows) { TableCell cell = row.Cells[i]; Label6.Text = cell.Text; } You need to make sure that column with table cell is 0 based. We wanted to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts before we send out the e-mail. We appreciate all of your help in this matter and will use your input to make this as positive as we possibly can. We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is a very


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