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Athelas Font Download !!TOP!!

Athelas Font Download !!TOP!!

Athelas Font Download !!TOP!!

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Athelas Font Download

after using a variety of typefaces for many years in my career as a graphic designer, i have developed an appreciation for the elegance of calligraphic handwriting and the way that it has the power to convey the message in a way that digital type cannot. i have found the decision to create a font with a cursive style for a calligraphic font almost to be an irresistible one. however, to take the tradition of cursive design even further and make it a genuinely personal typeface, i feel it is necessary to add personal touches into the design. this font incorporates a wide variety of weights to suit different applications, whether for display or text, and each weight will be presented in four forms.

well, ok, maybe not where the ideal of perfection begins, but you could make an educated guess and say they spent a long time on this. the result of our work, aethelas, is a typeface that is well-balanced, regular, and comfortable. it is in the best of typographic traditions of the past and present. this serif and sans serif typeface is faithful to historical roots and is an uncommon success of early twentieth century craftsmanship. its design language is powerful, original, and a refreshing take on the medium.

it was the idea of a student assistant in my studio to convince me to create a font inspired by calligraphy. we asked ourselves where the end of the line lies in this kind of work and whether it even belongs at all to the typographic sphere. also, having an appropriate print relief is not without cost and the hunt for a cool tool which we could use became a very long and deeply engaging process. since this was a personal project we had very little time but i could not leave anything to chance and therefore tested a number of existing programs. when i found the glyphs program (www.glyphs.com) i immediately understood that it is really the program for this task. glyphs software runs on all platforms and does not demand any additional applications to produce a typeface that can be used in printed projects, screen graphics and web sites. it is an in-house tool. i therefore decided to make my typeface available for others and publish it as part of the glyphs collection. i have already used it for my own projects, but it also fits well as a commercial typeface.

athelas is a serif typeface, which means that the a of ‘athelas’ is thick. it was originally designed for the purpose of displaying in print and using in the digital world. as a modern typeface, athelas may be used in any medium, but especially in print. the font family was made with the latest techniques and technologies, including advanced opentype features like ligatures, stylistic alternates, small caps, fractions, old style/tabular numerals, and various historical characters. the family contains six styles in the following weights: thin, extra light, light, regular, bold, and black. the package includes 4 font files with 600 glyphs each and 8 master italic font files with 50 glyphs each. the files are also designed to be used as opentype pro fonts. so you don’t have to install additional fonts to use this font. the copyright and design rights on this font belong to typetogether. all fonts are designed to be used for editorial purposes only. they are not intended to be used for commercial purposes and this font is not to be used as a stand-alone product. this font is shareware and it means that it is free to use for personal and commercial projects. this means that you can use the font for up to 5 years. but if you like it, please consider buying the font. athelas font family brings a new level to the typographic experience, this modern latin serif font. when designing this typeface, i was thinking of an updated version of the original century schoolbook font, a typeface made famous in britain in the 20th century. i created this typeface as an homage to the old style. like a good vintage wine, it is best enjoyed when it is aged. so, i created it with a wide range of weights and styles to be sure you can find a style that fits your needs. 5ec8ef588b


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