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Autoplotter With Road Estimator 105

Autoplotter With Road Estimator 105

Autoplotter With Road Estimator 105

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Autoplotter With Road Estimator 105

for the last decade, the infycons has been the primary choice of the european civil engineering community for its power, flexibility and easy to use software. it is currently being used by more than 120 top world class road consultants, contractors, government agencies and private industry.

the autoplotter is a complete solution for the road design & preparation process, from the design of profiles, to the preparation of as-built drawings, to the processing and reporting of data. it contains all the necessary tools for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of road, highway and transitways.

cutting and filling pcc, ra bill, excavation, widening, grade change, detailing, calculation of quantities, inventory, data capture etc. data loss and loss of accuracy is avoided with high precision in all calculations for road quantity calculation

unlimited number of templates for any type of construction and different levels of data collection. can be used in the following projects:
1. construction of roads 2. construction of bridges 3. construction of tunnels 4. construction of drainage and water management 5. construction of retaining walls 6. construction of cycle path, walkway etc.

total station and gps based collection of raw data such as length, surface grade, elevation, elevation difference, camber and superelevation, offset, toe, etc. using gps or mobile gis. autoroads is capable of recognizing and processing various formats of data whether it is collected from modern or conventional instruments or is available in drawing databases.

one of the key features of autoplotter is its ability to process a large amount of data in a very short time and the best part of it is its end to end accuracy. autoplotter provides the flexibility to process the entire range of data and the seamless interface to the user. autoplotter is an ideal software to manage autocad files in the field and produce as per the requirement. it is well suited for storing, analyzing and transferring large-scale autocad files. autoplotter is the ideal software to manage autocad files in the field and produce as per the requirement. cad integrity, smooth interface and execution time are its most attractive features. with autoplotter, you can transfer large files in a matter of few minutes. and with the use of proper cross-section shapes and linkages, it is possible to define any type of road profile with different level of accuracy. for example, using a standard profile shape road estimator is also capable of creating in-fill, out-fill, in-fill or out-fill sections of road. each of those sections can be further divided into chainages and cross sections to create complete profile corrective course. the entire process is so easy and the outputs are so accurate that no need to have many manuals, tutorials or internet resources. just simply define your requirements and it is done. it also helps in better understanding of different road profiles. within a few minutes of using road estimator, the cross section of the road can be made along with quantity take-off. this saves your time and money. autoplotter is a powerful and robust solution for designing, constructing and operating a road or pavement. it includes a range of features and functions for pavement design, including profile and section creation, profile corrective course (pcc) design, alignment generation and gap analysis, lane boundary definition and profile definition. it also includes contour generation, multiple line to line and line to surface conversion, slope analysis, topographic mapping, and weight distribution function computation. 5ec8ef588b


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