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Mushroom Cats Download] [PC] NEW!


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Mushroom Cats Download] [PC]

Mushrooms are known to be good sources of polysaccharides and phenolic compounds as illustrated in the following figure. A large number of studies have investigated the relationship between phenolics and the antioxidant activity of mushrooms including Agaricus blazei ( Tago et al. 2005 ), Poria cocos ( Gao et al. 2007 ), Ganoderma lucidum ( Miao et al. 2009 ), and Hericium erinaceus ( Okumura et al. 2008, Chen et al. 2009, and Zhu et al. 2009 ). Phenolic compounds and flavonoids are the most abundant groups of secondary metabolites found in medicinal mushrooms. Phenolic compounds contain an aromatic ring with one or more hydroxyl substituents as one of their basic structures. The majority of phenolic compounds found in edible and medicinal mushrooms, such as Hericium erinaceus and Ganoderma lucidum contain one or more hydroxyl groups and have been found to exhibit antioxidant activity ( Okumura et al. 2008 ). These compounds also possess cytotoxic, anti-allergy, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties ( Okumura et al. 2008 ; Choi et al. 2010 ; Okumura et al. 2009 ). More importantly, the antioxidant activity of mushrooms is closely associated with the phenolic content. Although the phenolic content in mushrooms can vary significantly depending on species, growth conditions and genotype, the phenolic content of edible mushrooms usually ranges from 5.0 to 15.0% dry weight ( Okumura et al. 2008 ). The phenolic content in Hericium erinaceus and Ganoderma lucidum has been reported to be higher than other mushrooms, up to 4.0% and 4.5% dry weight, respectively ( Okumura et al. 2008 ).

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