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APSoft.DMIScope.2.0.001.[PATCHED] Full.Version.rar

APSoft.DMIScope.2.0.001.[PATCHED] Full.Version.rar

APSoft.DMIScope.2.0.001.[PATCHED] Full.Version.rar



With it, you can do the following basic tasks:

  • Generate/view/modify/update/backup basic custom SMBIOS information on Windows systems. The software supports Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. The additional optional modules include: SMBiosBackup, SMBiosUpdate, SMBiosView.
  • View hardware register (determine the actual BIOS revision)
  • Generate and view DMI code/it can even generate/view disassembled code
  • View system information such as hardware type, processor type, extensions, vendor, version, revision, date, etc.
  • View the critical SMBIOS information
  • View SMBIOS data in a binary or hexadecimal format
  • Backup SMBIOS data in 3 different formats (instructions, hexadecimal, binary)
  • Generate/view SMBios code
  • View/modify/update system wide metadata (extensions, vendors, dates, etc.)
  • View different extensions information (Microsoft, Dell, Asustek, Asrock, etc.)
  • View processor specific information (CPUID, feature flags)
  • View DMI information (Manufacturer, Product, Serial Number, Version, etc.)
  • View BIOS information (SystemConfig, SystemConfig2)
  • View BBSM information (OS vendor, product, version)
  • View or modify some details of the ACPI tables (Status Code, implementation)
  • Save the modified or generated SMBIOS information back to the BIOS memory, if required.
  • View the information of the modules.

You can use it to see the motherboard information of your PC, or you can view the motherboard information of a range of models. It lets you view system manufacturer, product, version, revision, manufacture date, etc. You can modify or update the motherboard information easily to get a valid motherboard information that matches your requirements. Then, you can save or backup the information in different formats.

This is a very flexible and easy to use tools to customize the BIOS information. DMIScope is a modification tool. DMIScope tool is designed to customize the two main data of SMBIOS data, the data to be customized is the BIOS Information which is the so called DMIScope. It supports 6 operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8.If you want to install DMIScope in a low-cost computer, you can run on a computer that meets the minimum configuration requirements for DMIScope. you need Windows XP/Vista/7/8, your computer should have at least 5 MB memory. DMIScope will test your SMBIOS (DMI BIOS) for write capability and allow to modify that information. DMIScope uses two data files to modify the original SMBIOS. The Data Type file contains information that need to be modified, like system id, SYS model name, system type, serial number, product name. The Data Record file contains the data that need to be modified. The walls of the massage room are a pale white, very pretty. She has 2 doors in front of you as you enter the room, on each of them is a small sign, one says Asiatic Massage and the other Asian, she has a window next to the only one of the 2 doors and the masseuse is sitting there waiting, she looks over at me and waves me in. I go into the room and hes sitting at the end of the table in a very pretty pastel blue robe. He has a couple more robes in the closet and I pick out a pretty one that looks good on him.As Ive explained a few times to you the girls at the massage place know me, and they said that I was to have a massage and then if I wanted some after that, I could come back for some face and body. He told me I could choose any part of my body to be worked on, so the massage begins… 5ec8ef588b


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